How do I play an audio clip on my homepage?

Click on Widgets then choose Homepage Audio Player. Here are the options available: 

Audio Clip: This is where you choose an audio clip that you've uploaded to your Media/DPK section that you'd like to play on your homepage. If you haven't yet uploaded any audio files, please see this help article for instructions.

Select "None" if you don't want an audio clip to play on your homepage. This will also hide the audio player on your homepage. 

Auto Play: Select ON to automatically start playing music when your homepage loads. When set to OFF, visitors can click on the play button to hear the audio. OFF is the recommended setting for this option.

Auto Repeat: Select ON to automatically repeat the audio clip once it finishes playing. 

Click on the Save Changes button once you've finished selecting your options. 

If after choosing an audio file and saving the changes the audio player doesn't appear on your homepage, it's likely because you don't have the audio player module installed on your website. To have that installed, please contact

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