I already have a domain, how do I direct it to my KultureShock.Net website?

To map your domain to your website, you'll need to modify the domain record. This can be done by going to the Domain Registrar website where you purchased the domain and logging into your account.

Modify the Name Server settings

To map your domain to your website, you'll need to modify the Name Server settings within your domain record. This can be done by going to the Domain Registrar website where you purchased the domain and logging into your account. 

Here are instructions for changing the name servers for Name.comNetwork Solutions, GoDaddy and Google Domains. Please contact your domain registrar's customer support if you aren't sure how to change the name servers for your domain.

Before making the following changes, please open a support ticket to let us know the domain name that you will be using for your website so that we can set up your domain details on our server first. Once you get the "okee-dokee" from us to proceed, you can change your domain's Name Servers to the following: 


All other Name Servers set up on your domain, if any, should be removed, only the two Name Servers shown above should be used. This change may take up to 24 hours to take effect. 

NOTE: Mapping a domain to your website can only be done for paid hosting accounts. If your account is currently a trial membership, you will need to upgrade to premium service by clicking on the Account tab and entering your payment information.

Maintaining your email service

If you have active email accounts that use your domain, such as me@mydomain.com, changing the Name Servers may interrupt your email service. To avoid this, we will also need to know the MX (mail exchange) server names for your email service.

All email service providers will typically provide the MX server names in their online help documents. If not, please contact your email provider and ask them what MX servers should be used to maintain your email service after changing the Name Servers. Please include the MX hostname(s) in the support ticket with your domain name.

If your domain was registered by a hosting company rather than a domain registrar, they may not have dedicated mail servers that will allow you to maintain email service. Therefore, it will may be necessary for you to set up a new email service. Currently we do not offer an email service for web hosting clients. 

To Customers of Aruba.it

We are unable to set up domains registered with Aruba.it due to limitations of their system and their inability to use our Name Servers. Therefore, you will need to first transfer your domain to a different registrar, or register a new domain with a different registrar before your domain can be set up for your website. We recommend Name.com

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