How do I import music on a CD using iTunes and upload it to my website?

Music on a CD needs to first be imported and converted into an MP3 file before it can be uploaded to your website. This can be easily done using iTunes from Apple. To learn how to import songs from a CD using iTunes, see the following Apple Support article:

By default, iTunes will import your songs as AAC files, a proprietary Apple format. To convert your songs to MP3 format in iTunes, follow these instructions:

To upload the song to your website, locate the file in your iTunes music folder. Here is how you can find out where your song files are being stored:

To keep your song file sizes as small as possible, we recommend choosing the Good Quality import setting for the MP3 Encoder.

The longer the song is, the larger the file will be. To shorten a song file before importing it into iTunes, select the song from the CD list, click File ⇨ Get Info, click on the Options button at the top of the window, and then alter the Start/Stop times as desired. 

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