How do I customize the look or design of my theme template?

If you are using one of the free design Themes for your website, you can customize how it looks. These options are not available for custom designed websites. 

Theme Preferences

Click on the Design tab, then click on the Edit Preferences button for the Theme Preferences page where you can customize the following: 

  • Photos for the homepage, the interior page banner, and the site background. Some design themes use a photo slideshow for the homepage, see below for instructions on how to set this up
  • Choose from a variety of color schemes for each theme.
  • The typeface, font size, color and style for your name. 

Customizing with Photos

You can customize the look of your site design by uploading your own photos. JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIF files up to 30 megabytes in size can be uploaded. 

Homepage Image and Banner for Interior Pages

Upload your own photos for the homepage and banner that appears on all interior pages of your website. The exact dimensions for these photos are listed to the right of the upload field. If the photos you upload are a different size, they will be scaled and cropped to fit within those dimensions on your website. If you're not happy with the way the photos are cropped, resize them to the dimensions shown and then re-upload.

Homepage Slideshow

Some design themes use a slideshow on the homepage instead of a single photo. You'll know this if you upload a photo for the homepage and it doesn't appear on your website. Here's how to set up the homepage slideshow:

  • Click on Content ⇨ Gallery and create a new photo album, then click on the photo album you just created to upload a few photos. You can upload one photo if that's all you want. Scale and crop your slideshow photos to the dimensions listed next to the Homepage Image upload field on the Theme Preferences page to avoid excessive cropping. 
  • Click on the Preferences tab and select the album you just created under the Slideshow Album option. Click Save Changes

Background Images

You can also upload a background image for all the pages of your website. This photo can be any size. You can also specify how the background image should be placed and positioned.

Advanced Customizations

Advanced users can click on the Modify CSS button on the Design page to override the CSS definitions for the active theme by adding new definitions and parameters. Use the Web Inspector in Safari or Firebug in Firefox to locate CSS definitions in your theme that you'd like to alter. This should only be used by those who have knowledge about CSS and HTML.

If the CSS you enter causes problems with the layout of your website, simply delete them and click on the Save button.

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