I don't have my own domain, how do I get one?

If you don't have your own domain, we can set one up for you at no cost once you've upgraded to a paid account. To upgrade, log into your Control Center, click on the Account tab, then follow the instructions you'll see there. 

Free domains must end with .com, .net, .org or .me, we are unable to provide domains with other extensions at this time. Free domains will remain active for the life of your KultureShock.Net website. Refer to the "Domains" section of our Terms of Service for information about free domains. 

To secure your free domain, please send an email to support@kultureshock.net and let us know your website ID number and which domain you'd like. You can check the availability of your domain choice using the WhoIs service before submitting it to us. Or, submit an alternative domain we can set up if your first domain choice is not available. 

IMPORTANT! Please double-check and be sure to provide the correct spelling of your domain. Registered domains cannot be changed and we cannot provide another free domain if you sent us the incorrect spelling of your domain.

If you prefer to purchase a domain yourself (we recommend Name.com), we can map your domain to your new website. Please see our Domain FAQ for instructions.

If you already have a domain, please see our Domain FAQ for instructions on how to map your domain to your new website.

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