How do I set up and use the Email Marketing service to manage my mailing lists and send mailings?

The Email Marketing system (also called E-News) is an optional service that is integrated into the KultureShock.Net Control Center and your website. It allows you to collect email addresses via a signup form on your website, manage your mailing lists, and send emails to those lists whenever you want.

This service is not included in the monthly KultureShock.Net service fee. However, you only pay when you use it. The cost is $6 per campaign and 1.5 cents per email sent (US$). There is no monthly fee and setting the service up is free. 

How To Set Up Email Marketing

You only need to do this once in the Control Center.

  1. Click on the Widets tab.
  2. Click on E-Newsletter.
  3. On the Activate Your Account page, enter your email address, the username and password you want to use, then choose your country and timezone before clicking on the Activate E-News button.
  4. Once activation has been successful, you can log into your new E-News account by going to The mailing list signup form will automatically appear on your homepage after activation. 

How To Use Email Marketing

Log into your account by going to

Click on Lists & Subscribers to manage your mailing lists. Please note that the "Website Mailing List" is the list connected to the signup form on your website. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS LIST, otherwise the signup form on your website will stop working.

To send out a blast email to one or more mailing lists, click on Create & Send. Follow the setup screens and choose a template to use for the email. You can either use the generic template included or click on the green Add New Template button to import your own custom template or use the Template Builder to easily create your own.

You can either send an email blast immediately or schedule it to be automacially sent at a future date and time. It is strongly recommended that you send a test email to yourself to be sure your mailing looks good before sending it to your mailing list. After your email blast has been sent, see how it is doing by checking the detailed analytics.

When you send an email, you will be asked to enter your credit card information to pay for the mailing. Use the Help link at the top/right of every page to learn more about how this powerful system works.

Email Templates

Customize any of the free email templates available by clicking on Templates ⇨ Gallery, then click on any of the templates there to see how they look and start customizing them by uploading your logo and customizing the colors.

If you purchased a Custom Design from Kulture Shock, we will customize an email template to match your website and import your mailing list free of charge! Just send a request to (Mailing list must be in comma-delimited or CSV format.)

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