Do you provide email service?

Currently we do not provide email service. We recommend that you set up an email account using any of the many free services currently available. Some of the most popular ones are Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail

If you prefer to have an email account that uses your own custom domain, such as, you will need to use a paid email hosting service. Here are a few we can recommend:

Email services that use your custom domain will require some setup on our server. We are happy to help you complete the setup of your email account, simply send us what the email host needs to verify your domain and set up your mail exchange (MX) server info for your custom email accounts. 

Why don't you provide email? 

Email hosting is a complex, high-security service that requires lots of resources and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. We prefer to stay focussed on website hosting and let email hosting to the companies who do it well and provide a high-quality, professional service.

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