Can I customize my website menu?

Yes, you can easily change the names of your menu tabs, rename the section page titles, reorder your menu, or turn sections of your menu on or off. To do this click on Website Options ⇨ Menu in the Control Center. 

There you'll see a listing of all the possible sections for your website. Following is an explanation of each setting:

Menu Name: The Menu Name column is where you can change the name that appears on the tab for that section. Please note that changing the name of a menu section does not change how that section functions, so, if you rename "Recordings" to "Acclaim," it  will still look and function like the Recordings section. Changing "Recordings" to "Discography" is an example of how you might change the names of your menu tabs.

Page Title: This is where you can change the name of the page title (or section name) that appears at the top of that page on your website. For example, if your menu tab says "Bio" the page title could say "Biography." 

Sort: This field accepts a number and is how you can change the order the tabs in your menu. The number 0 (zero) would mean that that tab will appear first on your menu. Higher numbers will appear later in your menu. A good way to sort is to use intervals of 10 or 100, for example: 10, 20, 30 or 100, 200, 300. This lets you easily reorder one tab without having to renumber all of them. If you numbered a tab 15, for example, it would appear between the tabs numbered 10 and 20.

On/Off: This checkbox allows you to turn certain tabs of your website on or off, which will hide that option from your website menu. 

Always remember to click on the Save Changes button after making any updates to your menu. 

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