Get comment notifications from your Guestbook

To receive an email notification whenever someone posts a comment for your guestbook:

  • In your Control Center click on Widgets ⇨ Guestbook ⇨ Preferences.
  • Under the Email Notifications section on the Preferences page, enter the email address where you want guestbook notifications to be sent. To send notifications to more than one email address, separate each address with a comma, like this:,,
  • Click on the Save Changes button.

An email notification will be sent to each email address you enter every time someone posts a comment on your guestbook. If you want to stop the notifications from being sent, delete the email address(es) from the Notifications field, then click on the Save Changes button. 

If you have the Pre-Screen option turned on for your guestbook (highly recommended), you'll need to log into your Control Center to publish the comment so that it appears on your guestbook page.

If you are entering an email address that is not yours, you must get permission to send notifications to the person who owns that email address to avoid violating the Terms of Service

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