Welcome to the Kulture Shock Help Center

Providing all of our customers with speedy, friendly and helpful support is one of our top priorities! 

Three ways to get support

  1. In the Control Center click on the blue Help button that appears at the bottom/right of the page to instantly search through our knowledgebase of commonly-asked questions. If you can't find an answer there, submit a request for further assistance. 
  2. Go directly to the Help Center website to browse or search through all support articles or submit a request for help. 
  3. Send your question or problem by email to support@kultureshock.net.

I've sent a support request, now what?

  • You should receive an email notification letting you know that your request was received and that a support ticket has been opened. If you'd like to add comments or feedback to your support ticket, simply reply to that email.
  • You'll receive a reply to your support request by email. If you need further assistance with your issue, simply reply to that email with additional comments.
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