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Congratulations, you've got a new website! Now what? This guide will show you around and point out the important things you should do first to get your new website up and running quickly. 

Your Control Center

The Control Center is where you will upload, edit and manage all the content for your website. Use the username and password you chose when signing up for your account (also sent to you by email) and log in here to get started:

1. Set up website options and menu

Click on the Website Options tab to add a more descriptive Description of your website and add more Keywords (but not too many). These are important because they will be used by search engines when indexing your website. To set up Google Analytics for your website, refer to this article.

Click on the Menu tab within Website Options to modify your website menu. There you can change the name of sections (keep in mind that changing the name does not change how it functions), hide sections and re-order them. Always remember to click the Save button after you've made changes.

2. Choose and customize your website design

Click on the Design tab to choose a design for your site from the free themes currently available (more are on the way). Click on the Edit Theme Preferences button to select a color scheme and customize the look of your theme with your own photos, a font and color for your name, and a few other options. See this article for more information about customizing your theme. 

3. Start adding your content

Click on the Content tab to start entering content for your website. There you'll see additional tabs that correspond to each content section of your website such as biographies, acclaim, recordings, programs, photo galleries, etc. To start entering content, just click on the + Add [Content Type] buttons in each content section and simply fill out the forms then click on the Save button. 

To include a photo with new content you just entered, click on the Save & Add Photo button instead of the Save button. Your content will be saved and you'll be presented with a form that allows you to select a photo from your computer and add a title and caption for the photo. See the Photos FAQ for detailed information about uploading and using photos on your website. 

Some content for your website may also be located on the Widgets tab. This is where you will find things like the guestbook, links and social media settings for your website. In fact, you should go the Widgets section right now to select the Messenger widget and enter an email address where messages from the contact form on your Contact page will be sent.

4. Media and the Digital Press Kit

All of your website's media and press kit files — audio, video, documents and high-resolution press photos — can be uploaded in the Content ⇨ Media section. The audio and video files you upload here will populate both the Media Center and Digital Press Kit (DPK) pages on your website. The DPK page will also include all press photos and documents. But you can control which types of content appear on the DPK page by clicking on Content ⇨ Media ⇨ Preferences.

If you get stuck...

Try searching here in the Help Center, your question has most likely already been answered. If not, click on the Submit a request button for priority customer support.

Now go start building your site! 

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