Using IP Number Instead of Name Servers to Configure Your Domain

If you own and control your own website domain, this article may apply to you. 

We recommend that you point your domain to Kulture Shock's web servers using our two Name Servers: NS1.KULTURESHOCK.NET and NS2.KULTURESHOCK.NET. Please see this help article for details about setting your domain up this way.

You can alternately configure your domain to point to our server's IP number:

We do not recommend using the IP number. If an IP number changes your site will not be reachable until you update your domain configuration with the new IP number, which can often take 24 hours or longer after the change has been made.

Also, we are not able to provide advance notice if and when an IP number on a server changes. You will only know once your website has gone missing. IP numbers are not permanent but our name servers are! So please use the name servers instead of the IP number to configure your domain.

If you want to use the IP number, log into the website where you purchased your domain and create an "A" record that points to the IP number listed above. If you're not sure how to do this, please contact your domain registrar's technical support for assistance. 

To determine if your domain is using our name servers or the IP number, go to this website and enter your domain (without the http://www. part) in the Hostname or IP field then click on the Resolve button. You should see two lines in the output that look like this...   NS   300   NS   300

If you don't see the two Kulture Shock name servers listed, then your domain is likely using the IP number.

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